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  M. Maspero MR-only Radiotherapy of prostate cancer
18-10-2018 M.J.L. Mastboom Tenosynovial Giant Cell Tumours
05-06-2018 H. Tekatli Stereotactic and hypofractionated radiotherapy for high risk lung tumors
04-07-2018 B. Vanneste Reduction of rectal toxicity in prostate cancer radiation therapy by implantable rectum spacers
28-02-2018 L.F.J. van Overveld Quality of Care in Head and Neck Oncology: Development of a nationwide Instrument



25-10-2017 S.T. Heijkoop Plan-of-the-Day Adaptive Radiotherapy for Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer
12-09-2017 M. De Ridder Quality indicators in head and neck oncology
18-05-2017 Dr. H. Westendorp C-arm conebeam CT guided 125I prostate brachytherapy: Dynamic dose calculation & implant dynamics
24-03-2017 Dr. A.L. Oei Tumor cells can't stand the heat. Boosting the effectiveness of hyperthermia in cervical carcinoma.


08-12-2016 Drs. J.L. Kuiper Acquired Resistance in Epidermal Growth Factor receptor Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
02-11-2016 mw. S.J. van der Veen, UMCG Radiation-induced cardiopulmonary dysfunction - Pathophysiology & Intervention strategies
04-10-2016 R.F. Verhaart Patient Modeling for Simulation Guided Head and Neck Hyperthermia
09-09-2016 P.S.N. van Rossum Towards Individual Treatment for Esophageal Cancer
05-07-2016 Dr. Ir. A.J.A.J. van de Schoot

Optimization of adaptive radiation therapy in cervical cancer – solutions for photon and proton therapy


Mw.dr. E.A.M. Froklage VUmc

The role of the blood-brain barrier in pharmacoresistance and central neurotoxicity


Alex Louie (Canada) RT VUmc mw.dr. Gwen H.M.J. Griffioen

Optimizing patient selection in stereotactic ablative radiotherapy for early stage NSCLC through comparative effectiveness research


Mw. E. Kleibeuker VUvA

Radiotherapy and angiogenesis inhibition: from bench to bedside


M. Peters Univ.Utrecht

Salvage for radiorecurrent prostate cancer


Mw. M. Kunneman AMC

Shared decision making in adjuvant cancer treatment

10-02-2016 dhr. R.G.J. Wiggenraad LUMC Stereotactic radiotherapy of intracranial tumors. Optimizing treatment and improving outcome.




Dr. F.L. Schneiders

Invariant Natural Killer t-cells and Vy9V82-T cells: between in-betweeners


Dr. M.E.M.C. Christianen

Prediction and prevention of radiation-induced swallowing dysfunction


Dr. E.J. Bantema-Joppe Local treatment in young breast cancer patients: Recurrence, toxicity and quality of lifeLocal treatment in young breast cancer patients: Recurrence, toxicity and quality of life

09 07 2015 

Dr. L.K. van Dijk EGFR Imaging in head and neck cancer

01 07 2015

Dr. J. Buijsen: Rectal cancer: steps towards tailored treatment

23 06 2015

Dr. M.E. Mast: Avoiding the heart : about optimising whole breast irradiation

25 06 2015

Dr. G.H.M.J. Griffioen: New radiotherapeutic approaches for improving cure and palliation of lung tumors
25 06 2015 Dr. N.E. Verstegen: The evolving role of stereotactic ablative radiotherapy in operable early stage non-small cell lung cancer
09 06 2015 Dr.Ir. S. van de Water: Optimizing planning & delivery of high-precision robotic radiotherapy & intensity-modulated proton therapy
27 05 2015 Dr. G.A. Sattler: The long-term side effects of postoperative radiation therapy in pituitary adenoma patients
13 05 2015 Dr. M. van Hezewijk: Tailoring follow-up in early-stage breast cancer
12 03 2015 Dr. A.M. Dinkla: Stepping source prostate brachytherapy: From target definition to dose delivery
16 02 2015 Dr. K.J. Simon: De wetenschappelijke ontwikkelingen in de radiologie en radiotherapie binnen de geneeskunde in Nederland 1896-1922
14 01 2015 Dr. V. rao Bollineni: PET-based analysis of tumor glucose metabolism and tumor hypoxia before and during anti-neoplastic treatment
 07 01 2015 Dr. L. Spiegelberg: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the prevention of radiation-induced tissue injury in the head and neck region
06 01 2015 Dr. E. Budiarto: Modeling geometrical uncertainties for radiotherapy plan optimization without margins



18 12 2014 Dr. M.D. den Hartogh: Towards MRI-guided radiotherapy in early-stage breast cancer patients
31 10 2014 Dr. W.I. Uijterlinde: Prediction of toxicity in concurrent chemoradiation for non-small cell lung cancer
28 10 2014 Dr. L. Merckel: MRI-guided High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound of Breast Cancer
21 10 2014 Dr. J.G.H. van Nes: Clinical aspects of endocrine therapy of early breast cancer in postmenopausal women
14 10 2014 Dr. L.A. Daniels: Late effects after treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma
24 09 2014 Dr. S. Senthi: Treatment of early-stage lung cancer: Cure and survivorship
20 06 2014 Dr. E.E. Schaake: Multimodality approach towards individualized non-small cell lung cancer treatment
12 06 2014 Dr. G. Landry: The sensitivity of radiotherapy to tissue composition and its estimation using novel dual energy CT methods
12 06 2014 Dr. P.W.J. Voet: Automation of contouring and planning in radiotherapy
11 06 2014 Dr. I.W.E.M. van Dijk: Radiation-associated adverse events after childhood cancer
03 06 2014 Dr. A. Borren: Functional MR Imaging in prostate radiotherapy - relationship with prostate histology
07 05 2014 Dr. C.T. Muijs: The use of PET/CT in the radiotherapy treatment planning for esophageal cancer
24 03 2014 Dr. I. Beetz: Prediction of patient-rated radiation-induced xerostomia
13 03 2014 Dr. S.E. Rademakers: Oxygen-enhanced radiotherapy in advanced laryngeal cancer; An analysis of the predictive value of hypoxia-related markers
19 02 2014 Dr. L.M.A. Schreurs: FDG-PET/CT in staging and treatment of esophageal cancer
03 02 2014 Dr. E.M. Wiegman: Prediction and prevention of radiation induced lung toxicity



17 12 2013 Dr.Ir. A.L. Hoffmann: Treatment planning optimization methods for individualized dose prescription in intensity-modulated radiation therapy
27 11 2013 Dr. M. van der Sangen: Loco-regional control or breast cancer with an emphasis on the role of young age and lobular histology
21 11 2013 Dr. M.K. Stam: MRI guided radiotherapy for renal tumours
07 11 2013 Dr. D.A.X. Schinagl: Radiotherapy for head and neck cancer. The role of FDG-PET
02 10 2013 Dr. G. Rodrigues: Novel radiotherapy approaches and prognostic models in brain metastases
13 09 2013 Dr. B.L.T. Ramaekers: Acknowledging patient heterogeneity in health technology assessment : towards personalized decisions in innovative radiotherapy treatments
22 05 2013 Dr. R.A.M. Canters: Optimization and control in deep hyperthermia: Clinical implementation of hyperthermia treatment planning in cervical cancer treatment to obtain a higher treatment quality
28 03 2013 dr. T. Dijkema: Salivary gland sparing radiotherapy
25 03 2013 dr. G. Ghobadi: Pathophysiology of thoracic irradiation
21 03 2013 dr. S.P.M. Crijns: On-line MRI guidance for radiotherapy
21 03 2013 dr. T.A. van de Water: Potential benefits of intensity-modulated proton therapy in head and neck cancer
13 03 2013 dr. J. de Leeuw: Nurse-led follow-up care for head and neck cancer patients
13 03 2013 dr. S. Breedveld: Towards automated treatment planning in radiotherapy: A mathematical approach to automated and integrated multi-criterial optimization of beam angles and IMRT fluence profiles



21 11 2012 dr. H Karim-Kos: Progress against cancer in the Netherlands since the late 1980s
21 11 2012 dr. M. Dahele: The implementation of advanced technologies in high-precision radiotherapy
07 11 2012 dr. R.A. de Jong: Molecular and biological nature of endometrial cancer
21 09 2012 dr. K. Muller: Fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy for uveal melanoma
14 06 2012 dr. R-J Smeenk: External beam prostate radiotherapy: anorectal toxicity and the influence of endorectal balloons
07 06 2012 dr. X. Chai: Building tools for image-guided adaptive radiotherapy of bladder cancer
23 05 2012 dr. D.C. van Rooijen: Improving radiation dose delivery for moving targets using image guidance
11 04 2012 dr. J.A. Nijkamp: (Un-)certainties in radiotherapy of rectal cancer
05 04 2012 dr. E.M. Vásquez Osorio: Improving Feature-based Non-rigid Registration for Applications in Radiotherapy



18 11 2011 dr. G. Groenendaal: Functional MR Imaging for focal radiotherapy of prostate cancer
21 10 2011 dr. M. Berbee: Novel pharmacological strategies to reduce acute radiation injury
21 10 2011 dr. I.M. Lips: External beam radiotherapy for prostate cancer: the potential for dose escalation
21 10 2011 dr. S.O.S. Osman: Image-guided intensity-modulated radiotherapy for single vocal cord irradiation in early glottic cancers
21 09 2011 dr. M. de Bruijne: Quality assurance of superficial hyperthermia treatments superficial hyperthermia treatments
08 09 2011 dr. J.G. Korporaal: Dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) imaging for tumor delineation in prostate cancer
21 06 2011 dr. T.F. Mutanga: Fast Daily Interfraction and Intrafraction Prostate Repositioning for High Precision Radiotherapy
04 03 2011 dr. N.C.M. van der Voort van Zyp: Stereotactic radiotherapy for stage I non-small cell lung cancer using real-time tumor tracking
21 04 2011 dr. S. Mook: Prognostic factors in breast cancer: one fits all?
12 04 2011 dr. K.A. Hinnen: Factors influencing outcome of I-125 prostate cancer brachytherapy
04 03 2011 dr. A.M. Mendez Romero: Sterotactic body radiation therapy for liver tumors
04 03 2011 dr. W. Wunderink: Accurate targeting of liver tumors in stereotactic radiation therapy
25 01 2011 dr. A.C. Houweling: Imaging for salivary gland sparing radiotherapy



22 12 2010 dr. D. Teguh: Late Morbidity (Dysphagia) in Head and Neck Cancer after Radiotherapy using various Treatment Techniques
10 12 2010 dr. E.M.A. Roeloffzen: Prediction of acute urinary retention after I-125 prostate brachytherapy
05 11 2010 dr. M.L. Kimman: Improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of breast cancer follow-up
22 10 2010 dr. J.G.M. van Loon: Molecular imaging in the combined modality treatment of lung cancer
08 10 2010 dr. A. Al-Mamgani: The Dynamics of Dose Escalation of Radiotherapy for Localized Prostate Cancer
08 10 2010 dr. D.S.A. Nuyten: Hypothesis driven gene expression profiling in breast cancer
07 10 2010 dr. B.R. Pieters: Pulsed-dose rate brachytherapy in prostate cancer
30 09 2010 dr. J.J. Jobsen: Prognostic factors in breast-conserving therapy : a prospective population-based cohort study
21 09 2010 dr. E.M. Kerkhof: The clinical rationale for MRI-guided radiotherapy : the dawn of a new era
03 09 2010 dr. M. Franckena: Hyperthermia for the treatment of locally advanced cervix cancer
14 04 2010 dr. E.P.M. Jansen: Chemoradiotherapy in Gastric Cancer
10 03 2010 dr. E.G.C. Troost: Validation of PET imaging for non-invasive characterization of head and neck tumors
03 03 2010 dr. C.J.A. Haasbeek: Image-guided stereotactic radiotherapy for early stage lung cancer
03 03 2010 dr. H.P. van der Laan: Optimising CT guided radiotherapy for breast cancer
03 02 2010 dr. G.J. van der Wielen: Erectile dysfunction after external beam radiotherapy for prostate cancer: Can it be prevented?
15 01 2010 dr. F.O. Spoelstra: Optimization of image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) for lung cancer



09 12 2009 dr. J.J.C. Verhoeff: Angiogenesis inhibition in high grade glioma
13 11 2009 dr. G. Borst: Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer
30 10 2009 dr. E.J. Bloemen-van Gurp: In vivo dosimetry using MOSFET detectors in radiotherapy
08 06 2009 dr. S.Y. El Sharouni: Treatment of stage III non-small cell lung cancer and limited-disease small-cell lung cancer
20 05 2009 dr. S.M.J.J.G. Nijsten: Portal dosimetry in radiotherapy
20 05 2009 dr. J.W.H. Wolthaus: Four-dimensional imaging in radiotherapy for lung cancer patients
22 04 2009 dr. L. Dorresteijn: Radiation induced vascular disease and ischemic stroke
19 03 2009 dr. W.J.C. van Elmpt: 3D dose verification for advanced radiotherapy



09 09 2008 dr. J.C.M. Vulto: Variation in the Use of Radiotherapy for Cancer Patients
03 09 2008 dr. A.C.M. van der Bergh: Radiation Therapy in Pituitary Adenomas
29 05 2008 dr. A.A.W. van Baardwijk Radiotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer : does PET make the difference?


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